La Roca

The beach behind La Roca Hotel was our favorite hangout in the early 80's. I remember that time when Oloy would fetch me at home in his owner type jeep. Outside our gate one Saturday during a Monthly Going Home, he would shout my name. Usually, there was no prior plan. It a spur-of-the-moment, most of the time.

We were in 3rd year College towards the end of school year 82-83. "Dali kay adto ta sa La Roca!"
I would never hesitate when it comes to the beach. I would grab some shirt and towel. Look for left over food from last night. And that was it. I was ready in 3 minutes.

Other than Oloy, JunTabs, Soc, Ping, and Bobong would usually be there. It was not swimming that we were so fond of. That was not as important as the companionship and the stories we exchanged and of course the beer that we shared. But time flies fast when you are enjoying the company of friends. How we love to watch the sun set. Dusk would find us still sober and still talking, unwilling to call it a day.