Bridging the Distance

We have always been fascinated with time. This has been a recurring theme in many of our previous issues.

In fact, our favorite Latin phrase must have been, “Tempus fugit” (time flies), as this has appeared many times in the messages we exchange in our eGroup.

This time, with this issue, we tackle our other fascination--distance. For in the past, we have always talked of “moving on” and of “going away to a distant place”. And in fact, most of us have followed our own path and have arrived in this place where we are now, so far away from the walls of IHMS. Yet, we know that no matter how far we have traveled, we are really not that far from our home, from our beloved Alma Mater.

The Internet has bridged distance substantially. It's amazing how it bridges both distance and time. We should therefore make use of this tool in bridging the divide that separates us from each other. This can even be a way of bringing back time--time when we were young and carefree in the IHMSeminary.

Thus, in this same spirit of bridging distance and time, we will be launching Scriptum on the Internet starting with this issue of Scriptum. From hereon, we will save the trees and use this medium to continue the "storytelling" that we always loved to exchange. We hope you will continue enjoying every issue of Scriptum. (msa)