The Grandfather’s Clock

The Morning Prayer at the chapel was always a difficult time for many of us who were in high school. Although it must have been our senior year, we hadn’t really outgrown our dread of waking up early and walking absentmindedly to the chapel.

While others would prefer to take the auditorium, I would sometimes venture to the college building where an old grandfather’s clock stood on the second floor landing. A huge pendulum swung in front of three metal cylinders that acted as weights.

I was fascinated by the clock and enjoyed listening to its chime when it struck the hour. I don’t remember a glass protecting the pendulum and the interior gears, it must have been broken years before. So it was easy to tinker with interior parts.

Well, it sort of became a habit of mine to tug at the weights when the pendulum stopped swinging. I would gently nudge the pendulum and it would continue to tick.

One time noticed that I could actually make it chime by tinkering with the gears. I can’t remember which gear it was, but it worked. And how I loved to hear that sound!

One day I overheard some college students talking about being spooked one morning. They exchanged stories of the grandfather’s clock that sounded its chime sometimes endlessly and most often at odd hours in the morning.

I never had the chance to tell them I was responsible.
(nox arcamo)