Bloody Valentines in 1983

It was Feb 13, 1983, Sunday, a day before the much anticipated Valentines Day. It was also a bad day for us college seminarians--it turned out to be. We were deprived of our regular afternoon outing, just because of an egg. A hard-boiled egg! 

Remember that incident? Somebody took the hard-boiled egg from the plate of an absent seminarian before grace was said. The Prefect of Discipline wanted to know who took it. But nobody confessed. So the entire body was punished. “No outing this afternoon,” Fr Migs declared. I could still remember that voice as my world crumbled.

But we had our way of coping. In psychology, it was called sublimation. We joked and banked on sublimation to rationalize what we were about to do. 

With an air gun, we scour the surrounding for stray chicken. There were around 7 of us who we tried to coax the chicken to flee from the coop. 

What a grand time it was chasing chicks. We hunted them with stones and air gun. We caught a couple without firing the gun, by trapping them and grabbing their neck. Just like that. But I remember Bobong aiming the gun with one hand. The muzzle was 2 inches from the trapped chicken’s temple. The chicken didn’t stand a chance. 

All in all there were 3 chickens that were hastily dispatched, expertly cleaned and dressed by Ingents. These were washed with water from a couple of coca cola bottles.

We built a fire among the shrubs and like pre-historic cannibals feasting on a game, we dined our Valentines outing way. (nox arcamo)