A Batch Reunion in 1998

Batch reunions almost always bring back happy memories. But not all.

The hurriedly-assembled reunion last October 30, 1998 was no exception. Imagine. It was 22 years since entrance day, when some of us first met in the hallowed grounds of the seminary. It was 18 years since high school graduation, when some of us left the group to pursue college education outside. And, it was 14 years since college graduation, when some of us finally went on our individual, separate ways.

Even the oft-repeated phrase in our school days still rang true that day: "Tempus Fugit". Looking back, we realize that indeed time flies so fast!

For wasn’t it only yesterday when we, neophytes, tried to hide our muffled sobs on our first night away from our families?

Wasn’t it only yesterday when our class adopted the weird-sounding name, Baboga, and formed a credit cooperative to help seminarians in need, and then closed shop as majority of the borrowers defaulted on their obligation?

Wasn’t it only yesterday when we literally rolled on the ground laughing when the late Quiao made several failed attempts to hit the right note during a solo part in our Christmas presentation?

Wasn’t it only yesterday when tears trickled down our eyes as JunTabs, carrying his personal belongings that early morning, hugged the gates of IHMS for the last time and then started to walk towards the junction, leaving our batch, and his dreams of missionary life, for good.

Many things have happened in between, as the reunion showed. Of the 42 or so that started in high school, only 25 persisted until graduation. Only 11 chose to remain for college, out of which only 4 made it to college graduation. There were three who joined the batch midway in college. Of the total, only 3 made it to the priesthood: Soc, Oloy and Glenn. From the batch, two have died already--Cecil and Leodegario. One remained missing, Ramonito. Several have figured prominently in the political arena, notable of which is Rene who is the incumbent governor of Bohol.

We may have followed different paths, navigated our own troughs and crests, and came out triumphant over our own adversities. What ever became of us--whether we admit it or not--we can trace our success or failure to a common root--a "seedbox" where were were molded to what we are now.

Some may have been stunted while others may have thrived well under the formation. There were painful experiences. But it is the same "seedbox" that formed all of us. This mold made us.

So, what better time then to reminisce and share with each one the fruits of our formation than during the reunion? And what better time to decide to share with others the benefits we gained from our beloved AYEYCHEMES than during the reunion and in the future reunions that we have planned. Your active participation therefore, batchmates, is important.

Join out batch reunion! (nox arcamo)